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Major languages: English, German, French, Italian. We guarantee that a translator has a medical education for the abovementioned languages which, in turn, ensures accurate conveyance of the meaning of the text, and correct use of technical terms.

The volume of translation is assessed in standard pages: 1 page = 1800 characters with spaces.

We are pleased to offer you the services of simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. By consecutive interpreting we mean that the speaker makes logical pauses during his speech, providing an opportunity for the interpreter to translate what has been said into the foreign language. The main advantage of consecutive interpreting is that it can be used in scientific meetings and high-profile workshops, when the interpreter must “pass through himself” the thesis of the report, in order to accurately convey its meaning. It is a widely known fact that this kind of interpretation takes a relatively large amount of time (the time taken for the report doubles on average), which can be seen as a disadvantage for busy events.

Simultaneous interpreting is performed by interpreters almost simultaneously with the delivery of the original speech. The obvious advantage is the speed of interpreting, since the speaker does not pause for translation, as is done in consecutive interpretating. He speaks at a normal pace, without thinking about whether the interpreter has translated it or not. But the relatively high cost and complexity of technical organization can be marked as its drawbacks. It is necessary to employ a few technicians to set-up and operate the equipment needed by the audience and interpreters for simultaneous translation.

Services are provided only by the bank transfer (contract/invoice for legal entities and receipt of payment for individuals). Individuals must make a 100% prepayment for the translation before we begin our cooperation. Legal entities require only a letter of guarantee before the work they request can begin. Translation is considered paid after receipt of the payment order, or a copy (in person or by fax/e-mail)

For the convenience of our customers, offices of foreign companies may pay by wire transfer to a foreign organization (euro account).

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Over many years in operation we've earned trust and respect from our valued clients, including leading pharmaceutical companies, local producers, manufacturers of medical equipment, medical centers, publishers and government agencies.