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Accuracy and quality of translation is our main goal!

Since the founding of the MedConsult bureau of medical translation in 2003, we have gained a huge amount of experience, and offer our customers a full range of services in medical translation and related areas (legal, technical, etc.).

When is there a need for medical translation? First of all, the translation of clinical research papers, test studies, and other pharmaceutical documentation is required to prepare dossiers for the registration of medicines in Russia. Specialized medical translation of manuals is required when using imported medical equipment. In addition, specialized medical translation is necessary for consultation at foreign medical institutions. In this case, specialized medical translation of patient test results, medical histories, specialists’ reports, and much more is required. Moreover, we provide translation services for medical articles, publications, and other professional literature. As medical translation is highly specialized, all of our translators have a medical education and extensive experience in translation work. They can convey the meaning of the translated medical texts accurately, as well as maintain a consistent style.


Our areas of expertise include:

  • documentation of clinical trials of medicinal products (expert reports, investigator brochures, informed consents, protocols)
  • parts of CTD
  • site master files
  • scientific articles, monographs, presentations, reports
  • medical equipment instructions and manuals
  • extracts from hospital records, outpatient medical records
  • instructions on use of drugs
  • contracts, articles of association, сertificates of incorporation, tender documentation, power of attorney, bookkeeping documentation


Our services are mostly required by pharmaceutical and insurance companies, as well as private clinics. Over time, in addition to translation, we also introduced a range of additional services (imposition, printing, localization, video dubbing, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation), that meet the specific needs of our customers.

We provide translations of medical texts from the major European languages: English, French, German, and many others. Depending on customer requirements, our company can perform translation or interpreting. Apart from translations, we provide prepress of translated materials (imposition), to help keep the original design and layout in different languages. Our company offers not only high-quality medical translation, but also an opportunity for the shortest turnaround time – urgent translation services are available on request.

We have a flexible system of discounts and an individual approach to our customers, so we can confidently say that we offer the highest quality of medical translation at the best value on the market.

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Our clients

Over many years in operation we've earned trust and respect from our valued clients, including leading pharmaceutical companies, local producers, manufacturers of medical equipment, medical centers, publishers and government agencies.